A world of choice and bright colours
A careful selection of premium-quality products ranging from toys to children's clothing.
Sustainable. Fair. Organic.
The world through children's eyes
Find your perfect gift or an original souvenir.
Rediscover the wonder in the small things, and the pleasure of playing.
Little friends to bring home
Sweet cuddly toys are looking for a new home to fill with joy
- Yours!
Need a new perspective?
Become a MINIGLÜCK world explorer!
There's so much to discover, try on and try out!
Right in the centre
Miniglück (and happiness) is in the heart of Bozen,
in its historical centre.
A place for everyone. With a very personal touch.
For mums and dads. Grannies and grandpas. Aunties and uncles.
But first and foremost, for our little superheroes!
Never too young for style
When it comes to children's fashion, elegance is about special features.
Unusual details. And things of beauty that inspire joy.
The playful side of fashion
Fashion that is easy to love, but hard to find:
the MINIGLÜCK range has out-of-the-ordinary pieces to fit child-sized uniqueness.
It's all about the details
Make time to discover what eludes the first glance -
all the details and little things that add up to something great.
Always on the move!
In a world filled with clothes, bikes, backpacks, cuddly toys, dolls,
wooden toys and more, there's no room for idleness!
GIUS Miniglück
Kornplatz - Piazza del Grano 4b - 39100 Bozen - Bolzano, Südtirol, Italien
+39 0471 970156, welcome@designhotel-kaltern.com

We are looking forward to your visit!

Opening hours

Monday - saturday  9.30 am - 6.00 pm



Kornplatz / Piazza del Grano 4b - 39100 Bozen / Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy

+39 0471 970156, welcome@designhotel-kaltern.com

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