Broaden your horizon.
Indulge in the vastness. With this view, for a moment.
Stylish, straight-lined, with the focus on being.
Where the ambience is reduced to the essential,
with no distractions from what really counts.
A touch of retro-chic and
plenty to delight the palate!
Breakfast for all the senses,
especially from and to the heart.
Get to know a whole world of wine!
A wine bar for romantic hours,
informal gatherings or just on your
own with a good book for company.
A stage for aesthetics
A place where colours and forms consciously meet and each detail is a matter of design.
Exquisite materials that are beautiful to the touch!
Design you can also eat!
Whether early or late to rise, there is something for the
morning gourmet to begin the day in fine style, with variety, healthiness and charm.
Art in the bottle, pleasure in the glass.
The wine world of South Tyrol’s south reveals
itself to those who would taste it!
Accommodation that sets the tone.
Colours, forms, light and feeling.
Beautiful living in the GIUS studio suites,
where free space meets style.
Space for peacefulness
and architecture for the delights
of water and wellness.
A spa between the piazza and the terrazza.
Bubbles of happiness
True joy tingles in the belly and bubbles in the tub.
Relaxing in our private little Spa!
GIUS La Residenza
Trutsch 1 - 39052 Kaltern, Südtirol, Italien
+39 0471 963295,
All-round holiday treats or flexible lodging?
Both? Here you go!
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Auf ins Glück! Was darf’s denn sein?
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Auf ins Glück! Was darf’s denn sein?
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