Take a seat, pause, settle down.
For an eternally delicious moment.
All the beautiful things.
Design you can wear, eat, and give to your loved ones.
Treats in the jar, how yummy they are!
Great gift ideas that will make you happy. And your loved ones as well.
A venue for those with a sense of style!
Interior design between hip and charming.
The latest trends within ancient walls.
Where hip and history come together!
There’s just so much love in this breakfast –
it’s a true delight! Have a colourful start of the day!
A feast for the eyes.
The beauty of the exquisite! The most mediterranean aperitivo ever.
More than just having some icecream.
This frosty delight really warms your heart.
In our case, a bit(e) of happiness means:
a cake that makes time stand still.
GIUS La Nonnaglück
Maria von Buolplatz 4 - 39052 Kaltern, Südtirol, Italien
+39 0471 962565, welcome@designhotel-kaltern.com

We are looking forward to your visit!

Opening hours

Monday - friday  8.30 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday8.30 am - 6.00 pm



Buolplatz 4 - 39052 Kaltern am See, South Tyrol, Italy

+39 0471 962565, welcome@designhotel-kaltern.com

All-round holiday treats or flexible lodging?
Both? Here you go!
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Auf ins Glück! Was darf’s denn sein?
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Auf ins Glück! Was darf’s denn sein?
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