When the door opens
to a holiday of the heart.
Welcome to your home from home!
Sleep between wood and linen
while nature provides for beautiful dreams.
No need for shoes!
Wooden flooring, perfect for going barefoot. Holiday accommodation was never so comfortable!
An intimate place to retreat,
yet right in the village centre!
Close to the action yet completely private.
The stuff that holiday dreams are made of.
Where excellence is a passion, quality too manifests itself.
Even the refrigerator has style here!
Holidays were never so much like at home.
The key to more free space:
apartment studios that promise stylish living,
with no obligations but plenty of clever details.
A new interpretation of accommodation!
Creativity can thrive where rooms become free spaces.
Furnishings to die for!
A whole apartment full of favourite things…
GIUS La Diffusa
Marktplatz 4 - 39052 Kaltern, Südtirol, Italien
+39 0471 963295, welcome@designhotel-kaltern.com
All-round holiday treats or flexible lodging?
Both? Here you go!
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Your journey to happiness! Your favourite dates!
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Auf ins Glück! Was darf’s denn sein?
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Auf ins Glück! Was darf’s denn sein?
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