Gius means

Are you longing for a holiday,
longing for happiness?

Holiday happiness and happy feelings!
We offer beautiful accommodation that is sure to make you happy,
beautiful times and beautiful surroundings,
and everything to make your holiday an even more beautiful experience.

The Gius family

[Translate to en:] Die Philosophie der Urlaubsdesigner
Philosophy - The holiday designers

3 Generations GIUS

The GIUS family history is a history of passion and good taste, or rather a passion FOR good taste. A history full of the courage to try the new and to think differently; not only to live passionately, but to make it a fundamental aspect of life. A history of strong women with a weakness for the beautiful things in life.

[Translate to en:] Urlaub geht durch den Magen
Holidays in the best of taste

For holiday

Staying at the GIUS is an experience that goes deeper and remains in the heart, as holiday happiness, as a feeling of joy. Wishes can come true!


Wohlfühlen für Glücksurlauber
Wohlfühlen für Glücksurlauber
[Translate to en:] Wo das Glück zuhause ist.
Where happiness is at home
Gius Blog

Maria Glück was a tough and honest mother, grandmother and enterpreneur - always there for some good advice. A portrait.

Miniglück – your children’s shop in Bolzano/Bozen

Gius World
All-round holiday treats or flexible lodging?
Both? Here you go!
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Your journey to happiness! Your favourite dates!
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Auf ins Glück! Was darf’s denn sein?
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Auf ins Glück! Was darf’s denn sein?
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