3 generations of GIUS

The GIUS happiness formula

The GIUS family history is a history of passion and good taste, or rather a passion FOR good taste.

A history full of the courage to try the new and to think differently; not only to live passionately, but to make it a fundamental aspect of life. A history of strong women with a weakness for the beautiful things in life. A history of inherited passion, of people who carry the Dolce Vita in their blood; of the GIUS gene that leaps across the divide like a spark, pulsating, strong, inspiring, from generation to generation, from host to guest, from individual to individual.

The way of luck

“It is probably a family trait, this constant striving for little moments of happiness and the beautiful things that make life so sweet”. Gerda Gius and her daughters Vera and Mara exchange glances. Photos, slightly yellowed, lie before them on the table, showing a pretty pension with a large terrace that is dotted with umbrellas. Vera explains.


A generation built on happiness

Maria Glück Gius and her husband Arthur were the second generation of the “Glück” family – Glück in German means happiness – to run the eponymous village bakery in Kaltern. For many years Glück’s was the place for villagers to buy their fresh bread rolls and sweet pastries. But in 1965 a property came up for sale on the South Tyrolean Wine Route, not far from Lake Kaltern. Maria and Arthur built their Pension GIUS there and thus realised their small (yet great) dream, a dream of “Glück” in the truest sense. They ran the GIUS successfully together until their daughter Gerda took up her role as hotelier. The pension had in the intervening years indeed developed into a hotel – a 4-star establishment with a 5-star atmosphere.

The GIUS world:
joy of life is our brand

Gerda’s passions

“Our family history is nothing if not dynamic” says Gerda Gius. She recounts the numerous extensions, conversions and new building projects that the Hotel GIUS La Residenza has experienced over the years. She relates her vision of an innovative hotel concept based upon flexibility combined with luxurious comforts; and that her sheer passion is what drives her to transmit her own enthusiasm.

The GIUS boutique apartment were completed in 2014. Based on the concept of the “Albergo Diffuso”, they combine high-quality hotel comforts with the flexibility of stylish apartment living.

Beauty out of passion

The way to new holiday vistas

Today Gerda and her daughters Vera and Mara work together to guide their little GIUS brand world – GIUS La Residenza, GIUS La Diffusa, GIUS La Nonnaglück and GIUS Miniglück – to new holiday vistas. They love constantly applying their aesthetic sense to the redesigning and redeveloping of their daily working environment as they live the tourism concept they themselves have developed – 100%.

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